Corporate & Business Law Litigation


MRV’s corporate and business law litigation practice involves assistance with business disputes of all kinds. Accordingly, our practice includes disputes among co-owners of a single business entity (or joint venture) as well as disputes between separate business entities. While representing our clients, we use our extensive knowledge of how business arrangements are and can be structured to assist our approach to litigation and other dispute resolution proceedings. Our practice includes litigation in both state and federal court venues throughout the state of Illinois, as well as in various administrative agencies.

MRV’s corporate and business law litigation practice regularly provides representation of its clients with respect to both the prosecution and defense of:

Representative Cases

Successfully defended claim seeking multi-million dollar liability with respect to commercial leasing obligations asserted against multi-national company through vigorous opposition to dispositive motions, removal to federal district court and transfer to related bankruptcy proceedings in the state of New York.


Successfully defended start-up company from business tort claims, including breach of fiduciary duty, breach of covenant not to compete, breach of covenant not to solicit employees, and tortious interference with existing contract as well as prospective business opportunity, brought by long established business with which owners of start-up company had been previously employed.


Assisted with pre-litigation dealings with disgruntled and obstructive co-owners of small business ventures and successful defense of claims for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty brought by co-owners of small businesses against remaining owners.

Successfully prosecuted and defended claims for breach of contract by and between individuals and business entities, including claims of sums due for services rendered.


Pursued contract and lien rights and recovered substantial sums due to construction contractors, relative to the improvement of both privately and publicly owned property, including:


Pursued and recovered judgments and judicial sales of property with respect to commercial mortgage foreclosure actions throughout the state of Illinois.


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